Businesses today face the difficult task of looking at their own vulnerability, and many find that, in light of recent events, there are tasks that they must do to comply with recent changes in security requirements, whether they be mandated or just common sense.

Security. Technology. Practicality.
Your business requires your review of all these important aspects. 25 Van Zant Street has the location to serve with any aspect of continuity planning that is important, on a site with a facility ideally suited for this purpose.
We're not just about backing up data, we're about assisting our tenants with decisions that will impact their business continuity and survival.
We're not just about big data lines, we're about data solutions, solutions that protect your business and corporate assets, without major investment or risks.
We're not just about big, cost-effective space, we're about securing the future. Just as companies need insurance, they also need to think about business continuity planning.