We believe the best way to decide if
25 Van Zant is the right place for your office,
co-location, hot site or mirror location is by knowing what our tenants have to say:
Westridge, Inc. 1996
Since we opened our doors in 1996, American-Digital has provided a wide range of digital audio recording and duplicating solutions. We have an impressive variety of products for individuals with experience in field recording and live taping. We offer a great line up of digital recorders, blank media, cables and even custom packaging options. We have the best Professional gear from Sony, Tascam and Marantz and a great variety of supplies from Mitsui, TDK, Sony, Klone and Fuji.  
American-Digital had its initial start in New York City. Growth and size limitations quickly became a major issue. As a booming start up company we were undergoing dramatic growth in the first 3 years. We needed a situation where we had room to grow. 25 Van Zant was just the place. We knew we could grow here. The building boasts an extremely convenient location. Great access to both I-95 and the East Norwalk train station. A portion of our staff would still be heading here from the metro area so this was the perfect solution.  
As previously discussed the location is incredible. We have all the broadband access a company in the 21st Century could ask for and that is comforting. Pickup and delivery is made easy by great building access. We have deliveries from trucks and UPS on a daily basis. Plus our warehouse ships out more than 400 packages a week. Walking distance to the train station is a big benefit. Nice deli upstairs for lunch. Of course the grounds and the building are very clean plus there is plenty of parking.  
We look forward to a long relationship with the helpful staff and crew at 25 Van Zant. We feel very comfortable and safe. The atmosphere here has provided us with a great working environment. The company has enjoyed our 3-year tenancy at 25 Van Zant St. thoroughly.