We believe the best way to decide if
25 Van Zant is the right place for your office,
co-location, hot site or mirror location is by knowing what our tenants have to say:
Bee-commerce.com opened it's virtual doors in the spring of 1999. We're an Internet-based store selling beekeeping equipment(and yes, even live honey bees) to hobbyist beekeepers all around the world.  
Starting a new business from scratch is challenge enough. It turned out that finding an ideal location to house our operation was a breeze. We wanted a reasonably-priced facility that would give us the flexibility to grow as our business grew. We wanted a space where the shipment of products and the receipt of inventory were simplified by spacious, convenient loading docks.  
We wanted a space that provided access to broadband resources. We wanted a space that was safe and secure. We wanted a space that was comfortable and attractive for employees and visitors. We found a honey of a solution at 25 Van Zant. Everything we hoped for and more are available at this sprawling facility.  
We've grown, and we've expanded. Products buzz in and out with daily UPS pickups and deliveries. And our staff and amenities sweeten an already ideal setup. You might say 25 Van Zant took the sting out of all of our concerns.

It's a Bee-utiful Business Solution.