We believe the best way to decide if
25 Van Zant is the right place for your office,
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International Microwave Corporation
Anthony D. Acri, III, President
IMC is a global communications company, providing solutions that take our customers to the next level of productivity, profitability, and competitiveness. IMC's capabilities include wireless communication, network support systems, information technology, defense communications and enhanced surveillance systems. Our customers include the Government, Hospitals, Schools, Corporations and Broadcast/Cable TV. IMC, a leader in the microwave industry, has developed our newest product line, The WatchTower remote video surveillance system. This is a revolutionary new technology, originally implemented for the United States Government Border Patrol, which allows continuous remote video monitoring of a two mile radius, with full 360 degree rotation per unit, day and night, in all weather conditions. Current use on the U.S./International Border has produced remarkable results, with significant increases in apprehensions of aliens and drug seizures as well as critical enhancements to border patrol agent safety. A cost/benefit analysis is currently being performed, but estimates of savings to the U.S. government have been in the hundreds of millions.  
Since its inception in 1961, IMC has consistently supplied superior microwave communications equipment and components to both commercial and military markets in the United States and abroad. We needed a situation where we had room to grow with modern technologies, a fully equipped state of the art laboratory, facilitates sophisticated testing and R&D. We wanted a 14,000+ square foot facility that would house our corporate headquarters and manufacturing. We wanted a space where the shipment of products and the receipt of inventory were simplified by spacious, convenient loading docks. Now in 2002, the facility still meets our needs and our business has grown tremendously with offices in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Texas, California and New Mexico. 25 Van Zant is still our corporate headquarters and our main manufacturing and R&D facility.  
In addition to the excellent location, 25 Van Zant has met our growing technical needs. We have expanded our shipping and receiving area to meet our increased volume of business. IMC started in 1961 with a handful of people and we now have over 80 people employed at IMC. 25 Van Zant has met our needs for expansion and continually improves the facility making it comfortable and attractive for our employees and customers. With technology changing since the 1961 inception, 25 Van Zant has met our telecommunications needs in computer and phone lines and continually meets our changing demands in telecommunications.  
As we continue to grow and develop, 25 Van Zant has been most cooperate and we look forward to many more years here as IMC's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility. IMC has had tremendous growth in the last several years and 25 Van Zant has never failed us in our growing business.