We believe the best way to decide if
25 Van Zant is the right place for your office,
co-location, hot site or mirror location is by knowing what our tenants have to say:
MediChest.com is an Internet based Health & Personal Care retailer. We carry over 15,000 products in our database. Our customers include consumers, hospitals, medical centers, doctors, and nursing homes. Virtually all of our business is conducted over the Internet. As a result, we must have 24/7 pure connectivity to our servers, operating systems, and backup utilities. Loosing connectivity for even 5 minutes translates into lost sales, lost profits, and lost customers. Our customer's confidence in us depends in large measure on our ability to stay connected.  
As we grew our business, the need for more space became evident. In February of 2001 MediChest began the search for a new home. Norwalk offered all the flexibility we needed to meet our short and long range plans. There were several openings throughout the city. The most crucial factor for us was to locate a building that offered expansion possibilities and high-speed telecommunication connections.

What we found at 25 Van Zant was far more than what our original goals incorporated. The availability of quality space was excellent. However the decision to relocate to 25 Van Zant was due in large measure to this building's telecommunication's systems and total access. As a result of the buildings proximity to major phone system feeds, we were able to design a complete Internet connection scheme that works not only for our sub-systems, but also for our entire organization. While our systems had to be free of any interruption, we also required a multitude of backup routes that would protect our customer's sales and their data. Simple 2 way connections were not the answer for MediChest. We had instant access to multiple feeds, which meant we would not have to worry about branches, bundles or splits. We could run our business with the certainty that our day-to-day operations would remain intact, worry-free and simultaneously maintain an accurate and live backup structure.

The computer systems, phones, modems and DSL connections were up-and-running long before we had completed our complete relocation. In the middle of the move, our IT department had connected a secondary terminal to one of the DSL circuits in order to prepare for line testing. To the astonishment of all, the DSL was already "live" and fully functional. The local telecommunications group had already engaged the switch and the area technician had come into the building, tested the routing, and gave the go-ahead to start the system. From the date of the request to the date of full and complete functionality spanned less than 72 hours. We couldn't find our pens and notepads, yet our servers were already logging orders and preparing order fulfillment requests.

Several months after the move, we required the addition of several phone lines. The request was made to the local phone company and in 48 hours, we had 3 new phone numbers with full feature service on each of them. The technician who prepared the new service advised us that because 25 Van Zant has so many telecommunication feeds, it would always be easy and fast to add new service. Past experience in other larger buildings had made us truly appreciate our decision to relocate our company to 25 Van Zant.
As we continue to grow and develop, we appreciate the professional atmosphere that surrounds 25 Van Zant. As with any business, outsourcing is always a concern. There are hundreds of professional individuals that encompass this complex. The atmosphere is business, but the attitude is friendly and inviting. We have found numerous professional connections here and our growth will keep us at 25 Van Zant for many years to come.