Historic Norwalk Business Address
Enhances Fiber Optic Technology
     Norwalk, Connecticut, December 17, 2001
Already a building with a surprisingly complete list of business amenities, 25 Van Zant, Norwalk's landmark business address, proudly announced it has entered into a marketing partnership with SBC SNETs Smart Moves program. Participation in the program provides 25 Van Zant with the most modern fiber optic telecommunications available, giving the building the capacity of a Central Office, maintaining the continuity and reliability required by data-heavy users. It also makes the property even more attractive to new tenants seeking quality, reliability, tremendous data capacity, and a fully protected environment.
Seeking Safety, Manhattan Firms
are Scattering...
     NY Times 1/29/02
  Morgan Stanley, the largest securities company in Manhattan, announced an agreement yesterday to buy the former Texaco headquarters in Westchester County as part of an effort to decentralize its operations.

At the same time, Goldman Sachs & Company, a major corporate presence in Lower Manhattan, is planning to move its entire equity trading department to Jersey City, to the $1 billion complex it is building, which is the tallest skyscraper in New Jersey.