The 25 Van Zant Building is structurally over-engineered by today's standards and the electrical feed coming into the Building is provided by a local utility, using redundant transformers. The electrical service is also over-sized, allowing virtually any type use, but especially useful for today's data-heavy users requiring safe, effective transmission of electrical power.
We are proud to have a partnership with the large-scale voice/data carrier Southwestern Bell
Co. (SBC), through its local affiliate, SNET. Additionally, 25 Van Zant has teamed up with
IntelliSpace, a national Internet Service Provider (ISP), to provide the very latest in high speed internet access to 25 Van Zant tenants.
IntelliSpace's data connections is within a SONET ring, giving those subscribers choosing IntelliSpace the benefits of SONET ring technology. In the September 11 attack, most
other data lines serving NYC failed because of severed connections. IntelliSpace's network, though damaged, never lost vital customer data or the ability to throughput that data.
With this kind of technology, 25 VAN ZANT is perfect for: